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Nearly 60 Strategic Positioning Points or Projects to Drive Development of Chongqing


The National Development and Reform Commission recently released the 13th Five-Year Plan for Western China Development (the Plan for short), which consists of nearly 60 major strategic positioning points or projects concerning Chongqing and covers nine aspects including strategic positioning, innovative development and eco-civilization construction. ¡°It is the focus for Chongqing¡¯s implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016¨C2020), and also an important task and opportunity for Chongqing to enhance its capability of sustainable development and make overall plans for promoting coordinated development of new urbanization, new industrialization, informatization, and agricultural modernization,¡± a person in charge from Chongqing Development and Reform Commission told Chongqing Daily in an exclusive interview recently, and he also interpreted the Plan in detail.

Keyword: Strategic Positioning

Providing important strategic support for the development and opening-up of western China
The Plan sets out that Chongqing should be built into a city providing important strategic support for the development and opening-up of western China.

According to the interviewee, the Plan requires to build an overall framework of western China development featuring ¡°five horizontal axes, two vertical axes and one loop¡±. The five horizontal axes consist of the west section of Europe-Asia Transport Passageway, west section of Beijing-Tibet Passageway, west section of Yangtze River-Sichuan-Tibet Passageway, west section of Shanghai-Kunming Passageway, and west section of Zhujiang River-Xijiang River Passageway; the two vertical axes comprise Baotou-Kunming Passageway and Hohhot-Nanning Passageway; the loop refers to key areas along the passageways. In this framework, Chongqing is positioned as the hub of the west section of Yangtze River-Sichuan-Tibet Passageway and Hohhot-Nanning Passageway.

Keyword: Innovative Development

Supporting Chongqing to build national independent innovation demonstration zones
 The Plan sets out that supports should be provided for Chongqing to build national independent innovation demonstration zones and create an innovation demonstration center.
¡°In the future, Bishan District and Chongqing Liangjiang New Area will take major measures in innovation,¡± the interviewee noted. According to the Plan, efforts should be made to promote Bishan District to realize the commercialization of agricultural sci-tech results by relying on Chongqing Bishan National Agriculture Science Park and support the Liangjiang New Area to carry out pilot projects like construction of big data industry technology innovation experiment zones.



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