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Bone Repair Materials ¡°Made in Chongqing¡± Breaks U.S. Monopoly

On February 6, the reporter learned it from Yubei Konggang Industrial Park that Chongqing Runze Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has successfully developed porous tantalum materials for bone regeneration, filling the gap in this field in China.

According to an employee from the company, bone defect is a common clinical sign of disease with a symptom that the structural integrity of the bone is destroyed. Porous tantalum materials are internationally used for osteonecrosis repair surgery to treat bone defect. Four to six weeks after the surgery, the implanted porous tantalum material can ankylose with the undamaged bone tissue in our body, and it doesn¡¯t need any replacement henceforth. However, due to high density of tantalum and difficulty in processing, there was only one U.S. company that can produce such products all over the globe.
To change the situation, Chongqing Runze Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has invested enormous manpower and resources in researching and developing domestic porous tantalum materials with independent intellectual property rights. By far, the company has successfully applied for three national research projects and two municipal level research projects, and has established Chongqing Biomedical Metal Material Engineering Technology Research Center. Besides, the company has applied for 851 patents, and 706 of which have been authorized. It is estimated that after the domestic porous tantalum materials realize mass production and are put on the market, its price would be half of that of the imported products.
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