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Chongqing Enterprises Export to South Korea Hotpot Seasoning for the First Time

The hotpot seasoning, compound seasoning made by local enterprises of Chongqing have recently completed export examination, and have been exported to South Korea and Canada. This is the first time enterprises of Chongqing bonded port area export this kind of food to the above country.

According to introduction, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of lianglu Cuntan of Chongqing has completed a number of hotpot seasoning export inspection and release, the weight of which is 1200 kilograms. In addition, a number of compound seasoning export to Canada has also went through the inspection and clearance by the bureau, the goods include a total of nine varieties with 992 kilograms. According to the introduction of relevant person of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of lianglu Cuntan, by actively helping enterprises to strictly control the quality of the products and standardize the packaging label, at present the goods have been successfully into the Canadian market, which won good market benefits for the enterprises.


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