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The world’s largest car lock manufacturing enterprise German HUF Chongqing plant put into production


According to news from Liangjiang new area on 24TH,October ,as an important supporting enterprise of automobile industry, Chongqing HUF Auto Parts Co., Ltd. of German HUF recently has formally put into production.


German HUF group is the world’s biggest car lock manufacturing enterprise, Chongqing HUF Auto Parts Co., is a new factory invested by HUF. HUF group is a 108 - year - old car locks and handles production enterprise, supporting the production for Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW car factory for a long term, distributed in 15 countries on five continents of the world. Over the past 20 years, HUF has three production bases, a mold factory, an electronic research and development center in Yantai, Shanghai and Changchun.


The automobile output of Chongqing last year is more than 3 million, the output of Liangjiang new area reached 2.13 million. A complete industrial chain from research and development to parts manufacturing, assembly, sales as a whole has been established. The relevant person in charge of Chongqing HUF said that Chongqing automobile industry has developed rapidly, Chongqing factory will provide convenience for the western market.


According to introduction, after the completion of the first phase of construction, Chongqing HUF is capable of producing 1 million anti-theft security products, which form a complete set of production capacity. After the second phase, it possesses the annual production capacity of 2 million units.


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