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UN Silk Road City Alliance Intelligence City and Emerging Industry Council Settled in Chongqing

On June 20th, the municipal government information office held a conference, claimed that the UN Silk Road City Alliance Intelligence city and Emerging Industry Council settled in Chongqing. As part of the urban league activities,"2016 Vienna - Chongqing festival", which will be held in Yuzhong district in October this year, will promote cultural exchange and industry cooperation between the two cities, at that time Vienna - Chongqing culture art salon and a number of activities will be held.
UN silk road city alliance was sponsored by exchange center of China ministry of commerce and United Nations industrial development organization, the United Nations development program and other UN agencies, it is the only specialized agency of internal United Nations that coordinates international affairs of ¡°one belt and one road¡±. UN Silk Road City Alliance Intelligence city and Emerging Industry Council was  established with the approval of the alliance, and it is an international special agency promoting coordination of governments and enterprises along silk road in fields such as emerging industries and intelligence city.
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