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Metropolitan Area Construction Lights up the New Blueprint for Chongqing Development

Following the publication of Metropolitan Area Planning Map of Chongqing six months ago, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have recently issued the Opinions on the Implementation of Deepening and Expanding the Five Functional Zones Development Strategy (hereinafter referred to as The Opinions), in which it is confirmed to ¡°integrally build the modern Metropolitan Area¡±
The Metropolitan Area includes the main urban area, the 12 administrative districts of the new urban development areas, Wansheng Economic Development Zone and Shuangqiao Economic Development Zone. It is a huge multi-group constituted urban cluster. Each component has its specific function focus.

After the issuing of The Opinions, the reporter immediately visited the relevant areas and learnt how the Metropolitan Area would be built.

Metropolitan Area with transportation integration

Every Friday afternoon, Zhang Hao, who lives in Shuangqiao Economic Development Zone, looks a little antsy ¨C his son goes to school in the main urban area, so he has to get there before the school closes. However, he really worries about not arriving on time because of the Zhongliangshan Tunnel congestion. So he has to leave early to ¡°play well in advance¡±.

There is a similar case. Cai Dongping, who lives in the main urban area but goes to work in Nanchuan, is also frustrated about the traffic jam. Cai Dongping used to plan to have dinner at home on Fridays, but later he realized that he would be stuck around Zhenwushan Tunnel for one or two hours if he sets off immediately after work. Then he just has dinner before going back to the main urban area to avoid the rush hours.

According to statistics, Chongqing Metropolitan Area covers an area of 28,673 km2, which is about 1.8 times as big as that of Beijing, and about 4 times as big as that of Guangzhou and Shanghai. Convenient transportation is the only way to shorten the distance and achieve integration in such a huge layout of urban space.

An official of Nan¡¯an District Development and Reform Commission said that there used to be only Yu¡¯nan Road connecting Nan¡¯an District and Ba¡¯nan District, but the two-way four-lane configuration is far behind the development of the two districts. With the opening of Rail Transit Line 3 and the connection of a series of important lines including Yu¡¯nan sub-channel and Babin Road, such situation has been significantly improved. Chayuan, Changsheng, Lujiao and Nanpeng have almost been interconnected and conducted frequent interactions.

Due to the congestion of Zhongliangshan Tunnel, western Chongqing area could not effectively receive the radiation of the main urban area. In response to this situation, a series of countermeasures were conducted in this area.

An official of Yongchuan District said that Yongchuan District is accelerating the construction of projects like Yongchuan-Jiulongpo Expressway, Da¡¯an General Aviation Airport and Yongchuan Zhutuo Port. Meanwhile, the district is speeding up the preparatory work of infrastructure projects like Chongqing-Kunming High-speed Railway, Capacity Expansion of Chengdu-Chongqing Railway and Freight Rail along the River. By then, as the regional integrated transport hub of Chongqing, the resource elements exchange capacity between Yongchuan, the main urban area and the surrounding areas will reach a higher level. Vitality inside the Metropolitan Area will be further stimulated. Hechuan District is making great effort to promote the construction of a batch of key transport projects like Chongqing-Hechuan Suburban Railway, Weituo Railway Station, Chongqing-Guang¡¯an Expressway, Hechuan-Changshou Third Belt Expressway and Hechuan-Bishan-Jiangjin Expressway and build the integrated transport hub in northern Chongqing. After the completion of these key transport projects, the traffic organization and freight logistics pressure of the main urban area will be effectively alleviated. It will be more convenient to go to Jiangbei Airport, Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone or Lianglu Cuntan Bonded Port Area from Hechuan. The transportation and logistics costs will be reduced and the integrated development with the main urban area of Chongqing will be basically realized. 



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