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2016 Inspection Tour to Hechuan Laitan Ancient Town (Chongqing)

Taste Peaceful Barbican, View  Buddha Cliff

Laitan ancient town, is one of the first batch in "China top ten towns" and "China¡¯s most beautiful villages and towns" list . Unlike ancient towns as Lijiang, Fenghuang, Zhenyuan, Zhouzhuang that were renowned in early times , Laitan ancient town for a long time hasn¡¯t been known to the world, like a pretty young lady resides deep in the boudoir, even if accidentally going out with light move and blushing face. Today,  Chinese and foreign friends are stepping together into the sheltered Laitan ancient town.

The old street looks pale and quiet with well preserved old wooden buildings on both sides, the blue stone road winding straightly to the river which is the most comfortable to set foot on. There is a continuous row of shops, households, tea-houses. The noise of the town faded away, leaving the town an intriguing past. The honest people own a peaceful life, quietly guarding their homes in the town. Sitting on the doorstep, they watched the Chinese and foreign friends with a peaceful stream in their eyes. Walking on the blue stone road, you are immersed in a taste of ancient village in the past as if time goes back, fickleness on the road washing away. Historical sites as stone memorial archway in Ming dynasty, temple in Qing dynasty, Wenchang palace, "Taiping pool"used for fire fight are remained in the site.

At noon, there come the frying-pan voices of restaurants by the street. At this moment, everyone¡¯s stomach is unwillingly grumbling and they pop into one of the old  restaurants to comfortably dine with several fired specialty and self brewed rice wine , feeling the enthusiasm and merry of the ancient town.

Yearning for more of the Barbican, the Chinese and foreign friends walked into the cliff Buddha temple. The Buddha with thick lips slightly open, seems to convey to masses that one should quench desires of greed, hatred or anger and give up fighting heart, returning to the tranquility of lotus flower. Standing under the figure of Buddha and looking up to admire, the broad eyes of Buddha have read sorrows and joys , separation and togetherness in the boundless universe for thousand years. Feeling the tolerance and massiveness of Buddhist culture, one can¡¯t help to praised the superb and exquisite of sculpture art in song dynasty.  

Embrace Diaoyu Mountain in Great Spirit, Song Grand River Going East

One hundred years has past after vigorous Diaoyu town defense war , visitors become more and more. People built temples to worship and scholars chant poetry to praise. The Chinese and foreign friends come here today to mourn heroes and express old feelings. Surrounded by clouds, the Diaoyu fortress is at the confluence of three rivers, overlooking length and breadth of cultivated lands. After listening to tour guide of the historical allusion that the invincible mongol troops were defeated in the "Oriental mecca" Diaoyu town, the Chinese and foreign friends here all praised the intrepid and resolute characteristics of Ba-yu culture.

One-hundred Year Wenfeng Town with Wenfeng Tower Soaring to The Skies

The rain gradually getting smaller, our last stop in Hechuan is Wenfeng street along the river in the town. Walking into Wenfeng street, the rising Wenfeng Tower comes into our sight. The Chinese and foreign friends taste Hechuan snacks on the street where snack shops stand in great numbers. Converged on the picturesque bank of there rivers, the talent flavor add much elegant and charm to every brick , every tree and bush on the Wenfeng street. Burn an incense and brew a pot of tea, bathed in the leisure river wind, we talked about our own visit insights , communicating international friendship.

 Special thanks to the photographer in this activity: Madam Liao Lianjun of Beijing Liansheng Culture Media Co.,Ltd.(Chongqing office) 


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