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One-Day Weekend Tour to Hechuan Laitan Ancient town (Chongqing) and Fishing Town( Diaoyu Fortress)

Saturday 14 May 2016

You are invited to join us on this special one-day cultural tour of one of Chongqing¡¯s best preserved historic towns. Seats will quickly run out, so please contact us before it¡¯s too late!


Tour Info

Saturday 14 May

08h00: Departure from the Foreign Trade Building

08h00 - 10h00: Bus Travel to Hechuan Laitan ancient town

10h00 - 11h30: Visit Laitan ancient town.Laitan Ancient town was built in song dynasty with three sides of cliffs. Wenchang palace, built in Qing dynasty has been well-preserved , the wooden carving relief outside ancient drama stage is breathtaking with folk customs of primitive simplicity.

11h30 - 12h30: Self dining

12h30 - 13h30: Go to Hechuan Fishing Town(Diaoyu fortress)

13h30 - 16h00: Visit Hechuan Fishing Town.  Fishing Town is not only the pride of Chongqing people, but also the immortal chapter of China¡¯s military and civilian stubbornly against foreign aggression in its history. One can enjoy the sight of ancient military barracks, cornices hole, walls, country guard doors, fishing terrace, thousand-buddha rocks, three saint rocks, Wangjian tablet, ladders, nine pots, galleries, etc., recalling the glorious history 750 years ago.

16h00 - 16h30: Go to Wenfeng Street

16h30 - 17h30: Visit Wenfeng Street. Wenfeng street is connected through five antique history buildings. Wenfeng street and Wenfeng tower add radiance and beauty to each other supplemented by the picturesque landscape.

17h30 - 19h30: Back to Chongqing



Arranged bus travel to Hechuan.


Ticket prices£¨transportation, travel insurance, tour guide service, Fishing City tickets included, meals excluded£©:

Adults: RMB 150 each

Children below 1.2 m (included) : RMB 100 each


Payment Method£º

A.You can easily transfer money via WeChat after registration.

B.Transfer to Paypal Account: 18680899098.

Please include the following information as a note to the transfer:

Hechuan trip +  the name + numbers of  guests included in the payment. Thanks.


Register below by Tuesday 12 May

Wechat:18680899098      NIWAWAEVA       Lisa

Hotline:18680899098(Miffy)      13594129234 (Eva)      15223326449(Joy)

Email:672879442@qq.com    156131285@qq.com    770427190@qq.com

Registration:Please e-mail your company + name of participants( Please note children¡¯s age and height)+ position+ mobile+passport number(passport number offered is only used to buy insurance, please fill in passport number accurately to ensure insurance payment successfully)+ payment method (you can choose Wechat transfer orPaypal) before 10:30 on 12th May (Thursday) 2016 to confirm your participation.


Travel security notice:

To ensure that everyone can travel safely, the following content shall be signed and confirmed by guests during the tour.

All group members please buy travel accident insurance, travel accident  such as unexpected hurt will be compensated according to the relevant provisions of the insurance company for compensation, we would no longer do any other claims. If tourists take the initiative to give up the travel accident insurance that caused personal or property damage, we don¡¯t do any compensation. If any body injury and property damage are caused by traffic accidents, compensation will be made according to the law of the People¡¯s Republic of China on Road Traffic Accident Handling Measures.Power of interpretation and the right of claim shall be the responsibility of the insurance company.


We are expected for your attendance and best wishes to you.


Join us on Saturday 14 May for a weekend of get-together fun. This event is open to the public and has something for everyone. No one will be left out, whether you come alone, with your family or as part of a group. See the sights, enjoy the food and drink, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy some silly fun, done the Chinese way.





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