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Chongqing, China Jewelry Trade Fair 2016 Grandly Open With Booths in Reservation, Looking Forward to Meet With You!

Chongqing, China Jewelry Trade Fair 2016 will grandly open at Chen Jiaping international conference and exhibition center.

Jewelry Trade Fair has successfully held two sessions, with the scale expanding unceasingly; it is the best stage of enterprises promotion, business negotiations, important trade place, which gained widespread praise of consumers and exhibitors.

As southwest large-scale professional exhibition, The Jewelry Trade Fair gathers high-quality exhibitors and attracts a lot of attention in the same industry with 36 brand jewelry enterprise from Shenzhen , more than 30 independent jewelry designers  with  good reputation both at home and abroad,  more than 200 exhibitors and the display area of 5000 square meters, allowing you to grasp opportunities, trends in the industry and product, negotiate business and receive orders .

Chongqing, China Jewelry Trade Fair 2016 looking forward to your participation.

1.The structure of organization
Guidance unit:
Chongqing economic and information commission
Chongqing foreign trade and economic committee
Chongqing land resources and housing authority
Chongqing  Jiulongpo district people¡¯s government
Chongqing gem and jade industry association
Joint unit:
Chongqing investment promotion association
Chongqing Consumers¡¯ association

2.Exhibition range
(1) diamond products: loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, etc
(2) precious metals products: gold, platinum, K gold, silver, etc
(3) jade products, jadeite, jade, agate, opal, etc
(4) gemstone products: ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, crystal, topaz rock, etc

3.exhibition stand charge
(1) standard booth fee of 2000 yuan (9 ©O, provide 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 ordinary lamps, 1high and 1 low ark, 1 220 V, 500 W power socket ).
(2) Special Booths fee will be negotiated additionally (50 ©O, self decoration).
Attachment:Chongqing, China Jewelry Trade Fair 2016 exhibition guide.
pageantry of Chongqing, China Jewelry Trade Fair 2015

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