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CQIPA Assist the Success of ¡°Chongqing and the World¡ª2016 Global Grape Wine Summit&Bottle-opening Ceremony¡±


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Bottle-opening Ceremony guests
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On March 27th,  Under the great help of Chongqing Investment Promotion
Association, ¡°Chongqing and the World¡ª2016Global Grape Wine Summit&Bottle-
opening Ceremony¡±was successfully held in Huarong modern square. Mrs. Dong
Dehong, director of Chongqing Investment Promotion Association, attended the
ceremony as a guest. At the invitation of CQIPA, A total of more than one
hundred people including International friends, executives of enterprises with
foreign investment, friends from all walks of life attended this activity.
The event is a top wine event with the highest level and the biggest scope in
the south-western part of China. it is to enhance the understanding of national
quality wine varieties and wine culture, and to promote interact between
Chongqing and the world through wine. Over 70 different types of high-quality
grape wine from 30 wineries of various sizes were displayed in the exhibition.
The wines are from many countries such as France, Italy, the UK and Hungary.
Guests can taste wine and communicate with winery owners, brand owners and
winemakers. Through the introduction of Winemakers brand representatives,forum
guests not only get the enjoyment of Quality wine taste, but also taste the
unique regional culture. The event not only showed the quality wine around the
world in front of everyone, but also enriched the social life of foreigners in
Chongqing and enhanced mutual understanding through appreciation and culture
communication of grape wine.
The event not only showed the quality wine around the world in front of everyone, but also enriched the social life of foreigners in Chongqing and enhanced mutual understanding through appreciation and culture communication of grape wine.
This wine ceremony was sponsored by Chongqing daily newspaper group, Chongqing morning post joint Chongqing Investment Promotion Association, Chongqing food industry association, Chongqing rum circulation association and other units.
Part of the organizers and co-organizers :
 Chongqing daily newspaper
 Chongqing food industry association
Part wine brands:
 (wink) wine [Hungarian]
 (Lurton) chateau [France]
 (blue Fraser) blueberry wine [Canada]
 (perner jouet) [France]
 (RAUZAN) [France]
 (J.P.C HENET) [France]
 (GCF) [France]
 (VOGA) [Italy]
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