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Chongqing Joins Hands with Hungary to Dig Treasures along the B&R


At the China-Hungary SME Cross-border Investment &Trade Cooperation Conference convened on May 16, more than 400 Chinese and Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises attended the conference for cooperation discussion. During the conference, items like the nameplate unveiling of Chinese-Hungarian Technology Transfer Center (Chongqing) and the signing of Cooperation Memorandum between Loncin Holding Co., Ltd. and Hungarian National Trade Agency were carried out in order. Chongqing will deepen the cooperation with Hungary in fields like high-tech, tourism, sports and agriculture.

At the conference, the Banan District, Loncin Holding Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Hakone Hot Spring & Thermalism Industry Development Group separately signed Cooperation Memorandum with Hungarian National Trade Agency to jointly develop the tourist project of ¡°East Spring Town¡±.

¡°For this project, we will implement technical cooperation with the Hungry side, and we will make full use of the hot cave of east spring to build the first cave spring in China¡±, said the responsible person of Chongqing Hakone Hot Spring & Thermalism Industry Development Group.

 In addition to the spring project, Chongqing will also carry out high-tech cooperation with Hungary. Currently, Hungry plays world-leading roles in fields like medical treatment, automobile and information. After the establishment of Chinese-Hungarian Technology Transfer Center (Chongqing), the Hungarian technology and the local industries of Chongqing will be integrated together to promote the industrial upgrading of Chongqing.

 Besides, Chongqing will also strengthen the cooperation with Hungry in fields like sports, agriculture and education.

¡°In electronic information industry, proper matchmaking has been achieved between Hungary and Chongqing. Among the major products exported to Hungry from Chongqing, liquid crystal display board, portable automatic data processing equipment, computer hard disk drive, microcomputer processing unit and tablet computer hold great proportions¡±, said by the deputy director of Chongqing Commerce Commission Xiong Lin.

On April 15, the ¡°Chongqing-Hungary¡± train operated successfully. During this conference, the Memorandum of Cooperation on Yuxinou Railway Logistics was signed between Yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd. and the Hungarian logistics company EKOL. That is to say, more and more ¡°Made in Chongqing¡± will be directly transported to Budapest in the future.



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