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Chongqing Free Trade Area (Xiyong) Hongyi Jiuzhou International Culture and Art Center Opened


On May 26, “the First China Chongqing Free Trade Area (Xiyong) International Art Invitational Exhibition and Hongyi Jiuzhou International Culture and Art Center opening exhibition” officially started in Chongqing Xiyong Comprehensive  Bonded Zone. More than 300 works of art are on display, with a value of more than 30 million RMB.
Publicity Office of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, Chongqing Culture Committee,  Chongqing Free Trade Office, Chongqing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Sichuan Art Institute, Chongqing Artists Association, Italian Chinese artists association and other units attended this exhibition.  As support unit,  our center attended the ceremony and produced “special issue on art of western landscape free trade zone of Chongqing Currents” .  
City cultural art with "150 million yuan"  is the first project on bonded display.
The center takes the policy advantages and rely on the opening platform of comprehensive bonded area under special customs supervision of free trade area according to the overall scheme of Chongqing free trade area;  it was built by Xiyong comprehensive bonded area with introduction of investment of 150 million yuan. It created new forms of trade in services of Xiyong comprehensive zone, the new breakthrough of culture trade, it is also the first project of city cultural art bonded display, which fit the development orientation of cultural and art industry of Xiyong park.
It is known that the construction area of Hongyi Jiuzhou International Culture and Art Center is approximately 6000 square meters, with five functional areas of bonded exhibition hall, the auction hall, bonded warehousing area, artist studio, art exchange space and so on.  In addition, "the first international art exhibition of Chongqing free trade area " was held by the center on on May 26, 2017, the exhibition covers Chinese and Western modern art and Chinese traditional art .
More than 300 works of art  from well-known artists from China Central Academy Of Fine Arts,  China Academy of Art, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Guangdong academy of Arts, overseas famous artists and folk art heirs are on display at the opening exhibition, the exhibition artworks is worth more than RMB 30 million. Later, there will be exhibitions of high-end jewelry and folk arts.
To help "bring in and go out" of cultural industry to create the largest art trading platform in the western region .
According to the introduction, the key to develop the cultural industry is how to "bring in and go out" of culture, the core policy of Chongqing free trade area is "open". Hongyi Jiuzhou International Culture and Art Center is to build a regional culture and art exchange center, organize culture and art institutions to participate in overseas exhibition,actively introduce overseas cultural and art resources.
It is known that Hongyi Jiuzhou International Culture and Art Center takes "free trade area + art + Internet" as development concept,  and build cultural art electricity trading platform, to achieve interactive trading mode of "trade bonded + cultural trade" as well as "online and offline".
Through holding high-end jewelry exhibitions, folk arts and crafts exhibitions to promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, it is committed to build emerging comprehensive international cultural trade industry hatching industrial park in the southwest, integrating more cultural enterprises to carry out international cultural art trading in free trade zone, thus further expanding Chongqing foreign trade and culture, driving the development of Chongqing culture industry.
At the same time, the center has also worked with a number of financial institutions to establish an art financial service system in order to provide more convenient financing opportunities to collectors. The center hired independent third party appraisal institution, not only to evaluate art prices, and also analyze financing risks that may occur during the financing period, to provide professional and comprehensive art assessment services.
Li Qian, director of Chongqing free trade experimental zone office said on the opening ceremony that building the platform is an important action to construct Chongqing as inland open highland, cultural highland and free trade area. The platform helps to connect the local culture of Chongqing with the world culture, and helps to propel Chinese traditional culture to the world.

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