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  Chongqing Yangtze River Cableway receives more than 8 million tourists  2017-7-31
T3A Terminal of Chongqing airport will be put into use; the airport shuttles will be adjusted  2017-7-31
4 international airlines to be opened or reopened in Chongqing airport  2017-7-31
Chongqing issues the first Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card  2017-7-31
8th Global Automotive Forum of China Chongqing International Auto Industry Fair 2017 Held in CQExpo  2017-7-14
Chongqing Joins Hands with Hungary to Dig Treasures along the B&R  2017-6-19
Five Major Mechanism and System Innovations Boost the Development of Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe International Railway  2017-5-19
China-Singapore Demonstration Initiative Boosts the Overseas Financing for Chongqing’s Enterprises  2017-4-10
What’s New about China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity  2017-3-30
Nearly 60 Strategic Positioning Points or Projects to Drive Development of Chongqing  2017-3-3
Bone Repair Materials “Made in Chongqing” Breaks U.S. Monopoly  2017-2-27
Rice Planting Area with Chongqing Brands Exceeds 1 Million mu in Foreign Countries  2017-2-17
Chongqing Enterprises Export to South Korea Hotpot Seasoning for the First Time  2016-12-26
ENGIE Group and Chongqing Energy Investment Group Further Deepen Cooperation  2016-11-28
The first China Latin local government cooperation forum was held in Chongqing  2016-11-17
The 16th western China international fair opened, Chongqing launched 45 investment projects with a total of 126.7 billion yuan  2016-11-8
The world’s largest car lock manufacturing enterprise German HUF Chongqing plant put into production  2016-11-3
UN Silk Road City Alliance Intelligence City and Emerging Industry Council Settled in Chongqing  2016-7-21
Metropolitan Area Construction Lights up the New Blueprint for Chongqing Development  2016-6-12
Chongqing—ASEAN regular cargo liner opens  2016-6-12
  14 Supportive Exit-entry Policies and Measures for Building Chongqing into an Inland Opening-up Highland of China  2017-7-14
Chongqing Free Trade Area (Xiyong) Hongyi Jiuzhou International Culture and Art Center Opened  2017-6-19
Human Resources Service Co.,Ltd. Of CQIP Provides Etiquette Training For Employees of Jintong Company  2017-5-27
Together With Foreign Guests, Experience the Beauty of Qianjiang  2017-4-14
CHONGQING INT’T CLUB UP-COMING EVENT: One-Day Weekend Tour  2017-4-13
CQIPA Provide Efficient and Professional Agency Services For Foreign Invested Enterprises, Achieved Gratifying Results  2017-3-21
CQIP Human Resources&Service Co.,Ltd Carry Out Warm and Caring Activities  2017-2-17
A day that’s magic - Fuling Pickle Festival  2016-12-26
CHONGQING INT’T CLUB UP-COMING EVENT:One-Day Weekend Tour  2016-12-1
The 11th Annual Meeting of The Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council Was Held  2016-11-3
‘Tea,the story of a leaf’Tea culture in China  2016-7-28
Chongqing Investment Promotion Association sincerely recruit trainee of Overseas Affairs Service Dept.  2016-6-15
Six Highlights, Great Excellence--The 19th CCISF Kicked Off Successfully  2016-5-24
2016 Inspection Tour to Hechuan Laitan Ancient Town (Chongqing)  2016-5-18
CHONGQING INT’L CLUB UPCOMING EVENT: One-Day Weekend Tour  2016-5-10
Chongqing Housing Fund Extraction Policy Once Again Relaxed   2016-4-7
Chongqing, China Jewelry Trade Fair 2016 Grandly Open With Booths in Reservation, Looking Forward to Meet With You!  2016-4-6
Korea China Economic and Cultural Exchange Center Visited CQIPA  2016-4-6
CQIPA Assist the Success of “Chongqing and the World—2016 Global Grape Wine Summit&Bottle-opening Ceremony”  2016-4-1
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